Vim의 키 노테이션 모음

Vim의 키맵을 설정할 때 사용되는 노테이션을 공유하고자 합니다.

notation meaning equivalent decimal value(s)
<Leader> keypad \ \ 92  
<Nul> zero CTRL-@ 0 (stored as 10) <Nul>
<BS> backspace CTRL-H 8 backspace
<Tab> tab CTRL-I 9 tab Tab
<NL> linefeed CTRL-J 10 (used for <Nul>)  
<FF> formfeed CTRL-L 12 formfeed
<CR> carriage return CTRL-M 13 carriage-return
<Return> same as <CR>     <Return>
<Enter> same as <CR>     <Enter>
<Esc> escape CTRL-[ 27 escape <Esc>
<Space> space   32 space
<lt> less-than < 60 <lt>
<Bslash> backslash \ 92 backslash <Bslash>
<Bar> vertical bar   124 <Bar>
<Del> delete   127  
<CSI> command sequence intro ALT-Esc 155 <CSI>
<xCSI> CSI when typed in the GUI     <xCSI>
<EOL> end-of-line (can be <CR>, <LF> or <CR><LF>,depends on system and ‘fileformat’) <EOL>    
<Up> cursor-up cursor-up cursor_up  
<Down> cursor-down cursor-down cursor_down  
<Left> cursor-left cursor-left cursor_left  
<Right> cursor-right cursor-right cursor_right  
<S-Up> shift-cursor-up      
<S-Down> shift-cursor-down      
<S-Left> shift-cursor-left      
<S-Right> shift-cursor-right      
<C-Left> control-cursor-left      
<C-Right> control-cursor-right      
<F1> - <F12> function keys 1 to 12 function_key function-key  
<S-F1> - <S-F12> shift-function keys 1 to 12   <S-F1>  
<Help> help key      
<Undo> undo key      
<Insert> insert key      
<Home> home   home  
<End> end   end  
<PageUp> page-up   page_up page-up  
<PageDown> page-down   page_down page-down  
<kHome> keypad home (upper left)   keypad-home  
<kEnd> keypad end (lower left)   keypad-end  
<kPageUp> keypad page-up (upper right)   keypad-page-up  
<kPageDown> keypad page-down (lower right)   keypad-page-down  
<kPlus> keypad +   keypad-plus  
<kMinus> keypad -   keypad-minus  
<kMultiply> keypad *   keypad-multiply  
<kDivide> keypad /   keypad-divide  
<kEnter> keypad Enter   keypad-enter  
<kPoint> keypad Decimal point   keypad-point  
<k0> - <k9> keypad 0 to 9   keypad-0 keypad-9  
<S-...> shift-key   shift <S-  
<C-...> control-key   control ctrl <C-  
<M-...> alt-key or meta-key   meta alt <M-  
<A-...> same as <M-...>   <A-  
<D-...> command-key (Macintosh only)   <D-  
<t_xx> key with “xx” entry in termcap